How to Start your Master Thesis! Easy Five Steps!

how to start you might stand be ok so first of all you need to start creating an agenda okay so how do you create this agenda so you first have to set for each day how much time we are going to study for example in this picture you can see that I say ok so I start from 9 o’clock in the morning until 1:00 then I have lunch one hour and then come back so then at the end of the day I studied 9 hours and then what is also really important is that you set a name of words to write for example here also in the picture you can see that the aim is for one day is 200 words so then you said the for the following day you said also 200 words but because of this accumulative thing so you just have the name 400 words and so on and so on but if your message dissertation length is given in pages then you say the name of pages to write for example here in the picture I say ok so for today as I said a name of half a page written and then you do this so on and so on what is important is to not break your routine it is important as you studied the same hours at the same time so that your brain will take it as a routine for example when I did my dissertation it was really difficult to study for me it was like too long so many hours just writing so then I establish my routine and I say ok so I’m going to study from 9 till 1 and then I will go for lunch and then I will do it I will study from 2 to 6 or 7:00 p.m. and then what happened at the end for me is that it was easier for me to study the whole day because what your brain does is actually automatically writing or or like your brain does it automatically without thinking so you’re not saying oh my god you know in the morning you’re under saying oh my god I have to write so much I really understand your pain it was really difficult for me also to write for the whole day the same thing the second step is for example is to see examples of previous masters dissertations you can find them at your university library or on the internet where is a good tip is for example if you google the master thesis with similar topics to your thesis or even better is to Google for PhD thesis for example then here in the picture you can see that if we type entrepreneurship PhD thesis and then we would PDF that you can see it in PDF so then you can have examples of thesis it’s really good to Google for PhD thesis even though you have a mastery citation but yeah because then for example and they page they are really well-written so you have like a really good example and then you can get this extra mark or this extra note on your face if you doing more or less like the PC for sure you — hi — that long okay so the third is to read carefully your dissertation handbook for example they’re all universities they hand you this dissertation handbook and it’s good for example if you have some doubts or if you’re a stack you just go back to the dissertation handbook start writing a draft of your list of contents that’s really good because then you will have just the whole overview or what you have to write and then you can also manage your time depending on how much you have to write then start writing your literature review and keep on with the next chapters the last tip I give you at the beginning and and during their thesis keep in touch with your supervisor they will give you really good feedback and they have lots of experience so the sooner you get the feedback from your supervisor the better because they will say to you if you are in a right path if you are not on the right path or if you are really wrong um okay um thanks for watching and I wish you all the best new master dissertation if you have further questions because I know master this is quite long and you have to do it more or less on your own so if you have further questions on your dissertation just comment on the video and I will do a video like i answering your questions and explaining you all about the dissertation

How to Write a Formal Lab Report

here’s a description of how to write a formal lab report this section the notes for this section have way more detail than the other notes in the previous section so make sure to check those out I’m gonna highlight some points that are contained in the lecture notes and try to explain them a little bit more for you now the first is background information whenever you’re conducting an experiment you want to do a little bit of research into what’s already been discovered about that particular experiment and you want to be able to explain that to anybody that’s going to read your report so when you’re doing background information you’re going to want to include citations as to where you’ve got that information and you’re going to end with your research question so in the experiment that we’ve been talking about this whole unit redbull and its effect on performance and a workout you might look into some research that’s already been conducted by the redbull company or by Health Organization’s into this and you may provide that information here with citations but you’re going to want to end with your research questions so that section should end with the research question to what extent does providing and participants with different amounts of read will impact their overall performance and a workout you’re also going to want to talk about the types of data you’re planning to collect you need to collect both quantitative numerical data and qualitative or observational data so quantitative data you’re going to maybe look at how far they run in a given amount of time and qualitative data you may look at how exhausted they seem or how energetic they seem this is numbers this is observations both need to be included in your experiment and you’re going to talk about these ahead of time say I plan to collect quantitative data in this manner I plan to collect qualitative data in this manner you’re going to need to make a prediction remember that the whole purpose of an experiment is to test an idea and so you’re going to have an idea of what what outcome you’re going to expect so you need to write a prediction based on what you think will happen you’re then going to sketch that out so you’re gonna a sketch graph just means it’s not actual data it’s simply what you believe will happen so we can talk more about how to do a sketch graph but just picture in your head you know a graph where you’re saying I think that as you increase Red Bull you’re going to increase performance that would be a test of the alternative hypothesis which is labeled h1 and you’re also going to put that there’s no relationship between Red Bull and performance and that would be h0 the null hypothesis we can talk more about that in class uniqueness of design you’re going to want to be sure that you express how this is not just a repeat of someone else’s experiment we’re going to talk about why this is significant why should we care about this particular experiment list your materials give us step by step procedure address any safety or ethical considerations that you might have in the experiment provide a photo that you annotate so you’re going to take a photograph of what the experimental setup looks like so if you’re doing the Red Bull thing you may take a photograph of the different amounts of Red Bull with a treadmill in the background and you’re going to label that that photograph you’re going to need to include a blank data table to show that you thought about how you’re going to record the data that you collect during the experiment you’re going to mention these two things briefly but they really come into play later you’re going to talk about why I’m sorry but not why but what type of statistics you’re going to use to analyze your data and you’re not actually carrying out statistical analysis at this point you’re just saying this data will be best analyzed with a t-test or with chi-squared analysis and you’re going to explain why that would be graphs you’re going to talk about what type of graph you’re going to use in your expression of your data so you’re going to say this type the data that will be collected in this experiment will be best expressed with a line graph or with a bar graph etc all right I know that’s a lot to throw at you in this last video the notes are really long so this is definitely something that we can set up a meeting in class to talk about in small groups

How to write a case study

case studies make great marketing material you take advantage of them hi tompa sorry no every business and I’m sure yours included can count numerous times in which it really helped solve a particular problem offer a great solution for a business and in turn help that business along the way let’s talk about it or in this case write about it that’s what someone has a case study or sometimes referred to as a success story because that’s in fact what it is but the length of a blog post gives you an opportunity to really zero in on a particular incident how you helped a client how that client benefited and make your company race your product and service shine but you want to put together properly and I’m gonna offer you these steps in this video so it’s off with the headline in this case because it’s it’s a case study you want to write it almost like a news piece not real artsy creative like it with marketing straight forward company X you realize this particular gain could be percentages you know improvement dollars saved whatever it is be rope Christa clarinet quantify it by using your product or service sort off a little background on your customer who it is where they are hauling they’ve been in business what do they do then you get into the challenge what is it in particular that the client faced inefficiencies cost overruns machine problems instead of just talking about them if you want to create a good story something that others reading this material can relate to that’s all key you want to be able to make use of this material take your reader on what’s called the journey what did your customer do as he started to go through this thought process kind of research you can have kind of the pros and cons of the various solutions out there and of course he settled upon you and your particular product what is it that you offered for a solution product X processing why feel free to name it but also touch on the implementation what was the actual rollout stage and process now here in many cases people you’re thinking is well you know I want to make it sound like it was really snappy but it’s not really realistic is it things take time there’s a learning curve or maybe it takes a while to implement a process that’s okay but then what were the results what did your customer realize and gain along the way of course you want to talk with your person on the scene as well as the customer it’s a good quotes that you can weave in and use in that particular piece think of it almost like a testimonial just a little bit longer part of this process is of course you want to identify a really good candidate for the case study not only the the type of issue that was faced but the solutions and the benefits gained but also the customer was a really a cheerleader someone who pops out those really good quotes about why you went with you and how happy is to have used your particular product or service then you want to package it all up in produce it now of course it go on on your website or maybe in a PDF form you know hard copy but if maybe invest a little bit in quality production graphic design it’s not just words on a paper like am well paid a term paper in college put it together in a real beautiful piece it’s going to be printed be like a slip sheet something that you’re proud of not just a story but the delivery of it the customer may wonder well you know do I want to participate I want to admit that I had problems or a problem what every business owner and business person does from time to time this person is just relaying a true incident that sure dozens have met hundreds of other business people can relate to and your product or service will help solve it that’s really in a nutshell so I hope this helps of course if you need help writing your case study you feel free to contact me but either way do start making use of this marketing — if you’re not already they’re very powerful spend some time thinking of it’s a really good anecdotes or incidents that that project you and your product or service in a good light put it together well and then start taking advantage of them hope this video helps feel free to leave a comment love to hear what you have to say as always tompa’s are from Wisconsin saying good luck in your business