Early Years, Childcare And Education

The module is assessed by the production of an Analytical Report based on the internship which allows you to reflect both on the content of the placement, and the personal expense of undertaking this work. This module aims to develop student’s systematic understanding of the issues of social inclusion, equality and diversity within the social and moral fabric of the lives of children, young people and families today.

These forces include trends in farming and trade, environmental change, policy developments, and social movements. Food security is a central theme; we explore different ways food security is defined and how it is contested internationally, considering https://itstep.org/ global institutions like FAO, interest groups, and diverse policy agendas (e.g. food sufficiency, nutrition, sustainability). Students will gain critical understanding of debates around these issues and of how different policy actors engage with them.

We are a small group of academics with experience of teaching and supervision at undergraduate and postgraduate level, with expertise in educational theory and practice. We offer a broad spectrum provision that provides a needs-based and timely approach to the educational development of all who teach Imperial students. The aim of this module is to understand how forces operating at the global scale affect food and agriculture.

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These actors include firms, public RandD institutions, farmers’ movements, and major donors and philanthropic organisations. An abiding concern is understanding impacts for the poor and vulnerable, particularly smallholder farmers, but also consumers in the North and South, and those involved in value chains. The module will help students develop a critical and inter-disciplinary understanding of key international policy debates that have relevance to agriculture. Around three-quarters of the world’s poor live in rural areas and within most developing countries the gap between the rural poor and better off urban residents continues to widen. The lives of the rural poor can be greatly influenced by policies in areas such as agriculture, land, social protection, natural resources, health, education and trade.

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In recent years, students have done placements across a range of United Nations institutions, in specialist consultancy and research Organisations, and non-governmental organisations both in the UK and across the world. Whilst we cannot guarantee a placement we are confident that most students who take this module and apply themselves to identifying an internship, will be successful.

This module gives you sufficient grasp of the scientific underpinnings of climate change science to engage confidently in debate with non-specialists on the causes and consequences of climate change. It also gives you the theoretical and applied knowledge to research and plan for adaptation to climate change. Effective social development and policy are based on sound conceptual foundations, and this module focuses dev education on the conceptual tools that underpin policy relevant social analysis. You will develop skills to analyse social contexts which influence interventions and social change (‘development’), using concepts from sociology, anthropology and political analysis. There is an old development adage that ‘if you give a man a fish you feed him for a day, but if you give him a fishing rod you feed him for a lifetime’.

Chekitan S. Dev is an award winning professor of marketing (tenured) and professor of management (by courtesy) at Cornell University’s SC Johnson College of Business in the School of Hotel Administration. He is internationally recognized for his teaching and course development and has received multiple awards for teaching excellence from undergraduate students, graduate students, and Ernst & Young. In 2019 he received the Overall Winner (Best Case Study) Award from The Case Center at Cranfield University (UK), and a 2019 Trailblazer Award from eCornell.

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It also guides students to critically analyse policy choices within specific contexts. Climate change presents a challenge to development that is both complex and urgent. Populations in less developed countries are amongst the most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. A multi-disciplinary approach allows us to understand the causes, consequences and responses to climate change in the 21st century. This module explores the causes of climate change, its impacts on development and the role of adaptation in reducing vulnerability to climate change and promoting climate resilient development.

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The first part of the module covers key aspects of climate change science necessary for an essential understanding of the causes and expected future impacts of climate change. The second part of the module focuses on the theory and practice of adaptation to climate change at different scales, from national policy making to local level case studies. A programme of lectures, workshops and group and individual work allow students to explore the module material.

If your first language is not English you must show evidence of English Language competence at IELTS level 6.0 (with no skill below 5.5) or equivalent. As school closures affect over 1.4 billion learners globally, far-reaching secondary impact is expected.

The module is about social concepts and theory, but we always apply these concepts to practical social development issues and interventions. This module gives you an opportunity to identify, apply for and do an internship or work placement, worth 60 credits, as an integral https://deveducation.com/ part of your Masters programme. You would take this module in the summer semester as an alternative to the Dissertation module, and it is open to most MA /MSc programmes. The placements are for a period of 8-10 weeks between May and, preferably, the end of July.

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The aim of this module is to help you understand and critically examine, policy-making processes and specific policies for educational development. You will discover the relationships between policy and practice in a range of international, national and local development contexts.

The schools in India are taking part in Sugata Mitra’s TED Prize ‘Schools in the Cloud’ project. Your core modules are assessed using a variety of methods, including essays, a dissertation and exams. Further assessment https://deveducation.com/contacts/ methods will differ depending on the optional modules you choose. Outside of taught sessions, you will be expected to undertake further reading around the subjects you are studying and complete coursework.