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It is about abiding the laws and acting responsibly by paying taxes. Instead of being just a love of ones country, these people believe that the patriotic individual is blinded by what the government is telling us. That patriots will go along with any ideas the government may have if put in a manner that concerns their country. People that don’t believe in patriotism also believe that to be patriotic requires allegiance to the flag, which means obedience and readiness to kill father, mother, brother and sister. The September 11th attack is a perfect example to help support this idea behind patriotism. After hearing that another country would do such a thing, people everywhere signed up to go into the Army for war. Without really knowing what they were getting themselves into, young men, old men, even women were willing to just go kill others that had nothing to do with attack in a sense.

  • Gandhiji was a true patriot because he made use of every moment of his for the welfare of his countrymen.
  • Different people have different reasons why they are patriotic and how they choose to be so.
  • They result in mistrust and hatred between completely different nations of the world.
  • That is why the American armed forces are all volunteers.
  • It also helps in preserving the country’s image and make it a better place to live in.

Shouting the slogans of regionalism and communalism and trying to win the hearts of a particular sečtion of people is cheap patriotic. The real patriotism is to join the mainstream of the country and dedicate oneself to the unity and solidarity of the nation. Patriotism is not just love and respect for one’s country but also the will to serve it. A true patriot is an active worker who works for the progress and development of his country. A patriot is one who fights for the freedom and peace of his country. There are occasions when one has to selflessly serve the nation and sacrifice personal pleasure and leisure. Patriots don’t even hesitate to scarify their life for the nation.

History Of Patriotism In India

Almost every student of a university or college will undoubtedly encounter such task as writing the essay on patriotism. A bigoted patriotism is a perpetual cause of war. And this patriotism flourishes whenever there is war. Therefore, the wise Chinese philosopher, Lao-tze, called it a bad and harmful feeling, and ‘a stupid doctrine’. World War II began with Hitler’s boastful and aggressive patriotism.

essay on patriotism

We can be culturally, politically, or historically linked to one’s homeland onto the basis of that same ideal and many other things. Patriotism can be defined as the quality of becoming patriotic. Patriotic is someone who has respect, loyalty, and devotion towards his nation and robust support for the homeland. Contact with his fellow beings is inevitable for mutual growth and economic development. Patriotism creates unity among the people for a noble cause and trains them to tolerate one and other and sacrifice for the country.

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Such an environment needs to be developed not only on these crucial dates but also in general. Only then should these feelings become permanently instilled in every citizenry’s heart. A nation in which the youth love this country and are motivated to socially and economically change its condition will have a better chance of growing and developing. Both the parents and teachers need to make efforts to instill the spirit for patriotism throughout the generations to come. We must encourage patriotism sentiment, as when the country’s youths must love the country, feel connected to it, and make an effort or work to make it a stronger nation.

A true patriot always thinks for betterment of his country and people. He keeps national interest above his personal one but a false patriot looks towards his personal interest. But, on the other hand a true patriot has a selfless character. Get professional essay writing help at an affordable cost. Alternatively, patriotism is the expression of pride in nativity and a declaration of responsibility and obligation towards one’s nation. In the modern context, therefore, patriotism is a highly exalted and sacred sentiment, which may be stirred to galvanize a society into action. Just as we love our father and mother, so we love land of our birth.

Patriotism helps in building a country with a better future so that people live in harmony with each other. It does not always mean fighting and being violent, it means showing passion and sacrifice towards the nation. Showcasing the love for the country only on occasions such as Republic Day, Independence Day and Gandhi Jayanti is not true patriotism. True patriotism is respecting the country & taking pride while showing love and respect to the country. It also leads to the elimination of selfishness and corruption which will help the country grow and develop faster. The nation does not belong to one person, rather it belongs to all of us so all of us must come together to make our nation the best.

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Patriotism becomes an integral part of public policy because universal feeling can be a form of uniting people. American patriotism is the value basis that integrates society, as well as the stability and development of American how to write a descriptive essay society. Students looking for free, top-notch essay and term paper samples on various topics. Additional materials, such as the best quotations, synonyms and word definitions to make your writing easier are also offered here.

The fact is that we often mix up patriotism with mere nationalism. If we could keep this distinction clear, patriotism will never mislead us into vain glorious boastfulness.

It is a natural one, born from a sense of love, respect and passion towards a country. It is a commendable quality and is never spoon-fed, rather it is inbuilt in some people.

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To raise the glory and honor of the nation is our primary duty. I believe that there are different levels of patriotism. To have patriotism and to love essay help the country that you where born and live, to love the people around you and to want to wave the American flag in your yard is to show your patriotism.

essay on patriotism

A look at Indian history reveals that in the old days, whenever the enemy attacked, patriotic youths kissed the mouths of swords and made sacrifices. The condition of our country has a profound effect on our lives. They continue to do this for the nation’s better. A nationalist puts the importance of the land before his own. He is trying to lead people to such a proper way of living. He was kind, compassionate, genuine, and honest.

Essay On Patriotism: Love Of The Country

It’s unpatriotic to take pleasure in acts like smuggling, black-marketing, and evading the fee how to write an enduring issue essay of taxes. It’s unpatriotic to go on strikes and hurt the financial progress of the nation.

History abounds with numerous burning examples of such patriots who sacrificed their lives for the cause of their native land. In India also, there were thousands of true patriots who gave their lives during India’s freedom movement. Patriotism is to love one’s country but it doesn’t mean to hate the rest of the essay on patriotism world. We are living together within an international family. Wherever people are suffering, a true patriot shouldn’t show his personal joy. Whenever we see our national flag hosted our head is held high and we feel proud, we cheer, and if it bows we lose or country and become ready to sacrifice our lives.

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Don’t let the headlines deceive you, they are the exception, not the rule. Different people have different reasons why they are patriotic and how they choose to be so. There is a long line of people in my family that has fought for our country and freedom, even some deaths. This is one reason why my family is so patriotic. We do it because we love the American flag and what it stands for. Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary defines patriotism as love for or devotion to ones country.

Maharana Pratap, Shivaji, and others have been among many of the Ancients. He seems to be a true patriot that can give away his career and everything for his country. Whether the rulers seem to be real patriots, they think of a country’s interests as well as the people. Our flag was not only a piece of cloth with colors on it, although it is a symbol of pride, liberty, devotion, and is colored by the blood of those that have died in protection. And so when a person realizes they can become a true patriot, they encourage those behind him to work to create a powerful, better, and prosperous country. Having patriotism is quite essential for either the country’s independence and our freedom fighters were the most exceptional example of that.

Guru Gobind Singh sacrificed his parents and children to save the Indian nation from oppression. The patriotism of Indian History — India’s history is full of patriotic sacrifices. When Babur invaded India, plundered and oppressed women, Guru Nanak protested to God against him. The attraction of patriotism — Love of one’s country is a natural emotion that instinctively settles in the mind of every countryman. Here is an Essay on Patriotism with Quotations for students of 2nd year and other classes. Students can write the same essay if the question is write an essay on Essay on Patriotism Pakistan, Essay on Patriotism, Essay on Love for my Country, Patriotism Essay with quotes.

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There was a time when our leader spoke of India’s mission of spiritualising the world and the sentiment was applauded because it appealed to the patriot in each one of us. But all missionary zeal that draws its inspiration from national self-love is wrong. Patriotism must be sobered by a proper respect for other people’s culture. It teaches a man to love his own native land more than anything else.